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Q & A With The Legend Who Has Held An American Track Record Longer Than Anyone Else

johnny-grayLRC Q&A Johnny Gray Talks About Having American 800 Record For 32 Years, Why He Considered Taking Drugs, & His Thoughts On Ajee Wilson Gray, the longest holder of a US track record (32 years and counting), shares all in this no-holds-barred interview. Who does he think has more potential – Clayton MurphyDonavan Brazier or Boris Berian? Does he have doubts about Ajee Wilson after her positive test? All of that and more.
*MB: Fantastic Johnny Gray interview
*MB: Is Johnny Gray’s American Record run the fastest negative-split 800m of all time?

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WTWWTW: A Closer Look At BYU's Dominance, Praise For Mo Farah, Galen Rupp, & Katelyn Tuohy, Let's Get Excited For World Indoors

We also take a look at the 2017 TCS Amsterdam Marathon and tell you what Bulldogs of Yale show what they have in common with Georgetown other than a bulldog as a mascot. Plus Kyle Merber's wedding makes the Daily Mail.

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 An Olympic Champ Hangs 'Em Up 

Spanish Olympic HJ Champ Ruth Beitia Announces Retirement At 38 Years Old Beitia retires after an impressive career where at 37 years old in Rio she became Spain’s only female Olympic champ ever.
*European Athletics Article On Ruth Beitia’s Retirement When Beitia won Rio gold she became the oldest athlete to win an Olympic jumping event. *IAAF